Privacy policy

  1. As a patient, it is important that you keep all appointments at all times.
  2. Please make sure to cancel any appointment you will not be attending.
  3. All patients must be compliant with all laboratory orders, special studies, referrals and all medications.
  4. Tampering of prescriptions will not be tolerated. Any patient caught doing so, will immediately be terminated.
  5. Tampering of school notes and work excuse notes will not be tolerated. Such fraudulent acts will be reported to police authorities.
  6. All patients must only have one primary care provider at all times.
  7. It is the patient’s responsibility to inform Salud y Vida of any other physicians/specialists, they are receiving medical attention from.
  8. The patient must notify the doctor of any outside prescription drugs they may be taking at all times.
  9. The patient must take medications as directed by the physician.
  10. Abuse of narcotic substances will not be tolerated.