About Us

Our practice has been serving the El Paso community since 1998 in the areas of family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. We currently have 8 clinics throughout El Paso. We participate with most major health plans and are currently members of the EPIC IPA with HealthSpring.

We take the quality of care very seriously and are constantly implementing new programs to raise our STAR and HEDIS scores and improve patient outcomes. Even though our patient community is very extensive, we have a “no one left behind” mentality. We monitor patient scheduling to make sure patients are seen appropriately and reach out to those who aren’t via phone, mail, and patient portal. We work hand in hand with the insurance companies to reach out to members and identify those patients who are particularly at a high risk for developing complications. We also have implemented a Case Management Program for non-compliant or high-risk patients.

We reach out to the community via our magazine and social media. We also host community events several times per year to help patients engage in their healthcare in a fun environment.